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We've Done it - We've Finally Launched Aur Y Ddraig Ltd

The Royal Welsh Smallholding and Countryside Festival was the perfect venue to launch our new company Aur Y Ddraig Ltd.

We are proud to introduce our Welsh honey business, based near the Carmarthenshire Border with Swansea.

I was first introduced to the wonderful world of bees by my grandfather and so have been interested in beekeeping from a young age.

Twenty-five years on, as a former engineer now working in the education sector, I have rejuvenated my interest and have recently returned to beekeeping under the tutelage of my uncle.


My wife Sara, who works in the financial industry, and I have both joined the local beekeeping association and have also undertaken a variety of beekeeping and honey business courses.

We are excited and pleased to announce that we have established a family run business, that we hope will benefit the local community and economy.


Proud members of the WBKA and BBKA, we are actively seeking to participate and associate with others throughout the beekeeping fraternity. We intend to establish a network of partners to mutually benefit our businesses and improve the beekeeping industry as a whole.

Keen to promote their honey’s Welsh heritage, and with a strong ethical standpoint, our premium Honey is derived from their apiaries across the Carmarthenshire/Swansea borders and is produced with minimal filtration or heating.

Looking to sell their Welsh Honey via boutique and specialist food stores, there are plans to expand Aur Y Ddraig’s range of products in the near future.


Premium Welsh Honey

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