Aur Y Ddraig

Welcome to our new website for Aur Y Ddraig Ltd.


Aur Y Ddraig, or Dragon's Gold, is a newly formed Honey Production company, proudly based in Wales.


We hope to consolidate our small apiaries that are dotted all over the Eastern Carmarthenshire border with Swansea, into a single production centre. We intend to maintain a small number of 'out-yards' and 'mating yards' to support our production capabilities.


Most of our website is still under construction, but we hope this will be completed during the early part of next year. So please bear with us at this time.


If you are interested in being part of our new venture or just following our progress, then you can drop us a line at


We will be documenting our journey throughout our start-up and launch, and hopefully for years to come!!




Aur Y Ddraig Team